There are no words to describe how I am feeling at this point. Human race, may be, was just designed (even if just mentally) to survive everything. But there’s only so much this body can take. But the worst situation comes when the mind is intact and is far from giving up and the body says ‘enough’, that is the most difficult situation that the family cannot handle. It’s just sad. There does not seem to be a way of dealing with it. They just have to be accepting. Because otherwise the guilt of taking them off treatment would kill them. It should not be the family’s guilt in the first place. But this is a pro-choice society and that is the mother of all evil we are not yet ready to deal with. The decision still should always be to act in the best interest of your own patient and not the family. Because he or she is the only one, alone, going through the process of death. Medicine anyway is incapable of reversing that terminal condition, if we fail to use it to make them more comfortable, then what is the whole point of practicing it in the first place.