The Full Moon

Full moons are known to drive people crazy. Crazy, usually for them. But for me, it drives the People around me crazy, and makes me blue. It’s a heavy feeling in the chest. Just like the one explained by patients I get to see at the hospital everyday when they’re having heart attacks. It happened tonight as well. The same chest heaviness. For a second I actually thought I was having a coronary. But thankfully it passed away. Leaving me with loads and loads of sadness and loneliness. Even though I’ve always been pretty confident about my residency match result that’s due tomorrow, I was having doubts. Doubts that never ever crossed my mind. How could I turn so negative in just one evening? What was it? Was it the fight with dad over how loud I was watching Harry Potter and the half blood prince? Or was it the misunderstanding with a close friend due to lack of communication? For a significant amount of time I also thought that it was the botched up keratin treatment I got done on my hair today considering how important these superficial things are to me. Yes they are. And I’m not ashamed of it. But it wasn’t that also. Just the fact that I’m not being able to FaceTime a very very dear friend right now and can’t tell him what I’m feeling also makes it worse. I totally blame the full moon, as the evening passed by I became more and more morose. But I guess it’s still gonna be okay. Just like every night, this one too shall pass. Tomorrow will be bright again, the sun will rise and the moon will start to wane. The universe will align everything in accordance to what is needed by every organism including me. And I’ll eventually reach where I’m destined to.


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