This Beautiful Night

This beautiful night

feels so right

happiness in this moment

hold it tight


May it stay

forever I’ll pray

this love in my heart

makes me sway


I go left

my book goes right

in perfect rhythm

we could dance all night


Isn’t it beautiful?

isn’t it right?

studying so perfectly

hold it tight


Oh my dear god

let it stay for another week

this studious streak

don’t let it reek


Let everything harmonize

not only till the sunrise

forever I’ll be

healthy wealthy and wise


This beautiful night

is it true?

no feeling of worry

no sign of blue


One day I’ll be so free

but even now there’s laughter

just before the exam

and not only after


I’m Arwen as well as Galadriel

I have a shrine

I’m full of magical joy

I’m wise and I’ll always shine


This beautiful night

It’s damn right

Happiness now and forever

I’m always holding it tight 🙂