Sea of Strangers

these feelings just get you down

who’s gonna set you up

that friend himself is waiting

all you have to do is just save yourself

the only way to find that one

is to go to the club

but i’ve been yelling, over and over

that this is not me

it feels like an alien

all the strangers keep on staring

it’s hard to just find a friend

in this crowd, let alone a lover

whoever comes here with this hope

is lying to himself or has been lied to

there’s no one waiting

this is not like home, it’ll never be

but is there someone waiting there at least?

i do not think so

i do not even hope so

the hope left us long time ago

now there’s just a sea of strangers

I feel like I’m drowning

& I know you’re drowning too


My Lovely Family

DSC01681This is the first time my parents are visiting me in the US. Today we went to see the Bahá’í temple and also roamed around in downtown Evanston. They’re still absorbing the beauty of this country and are in awe of the cleanliness and the rule abiding. On top of that, this is the perfect weather to be here. All that walking around did not make them feel tired or thirsty. The three of us did enjoy the hibiscus iced tea from Peet’s coffee.

My biggest excitement for them was actually Chipotle. That was their first experience with Mexican food and guacamole ever. I’ve aways talked about it over FaceTime with them (good things of course) but now they had a taste for themselves. Obviously they loved it. As usual, 1 burrito was too much for each.

Then a trip to Jewel Osco sealed the deal regarding the greatness of the country. Everything to be bought under one roof is a concept that isn’t common in India yet, so that was a lot to absorb (in a good way of course). They couldn’t get enough of the luscious fruits and 2 aisles of assorted alcoholic items among other things. I’m hoping to get a bigger pleasant shock when I take them to whole foods next time.

Now we’re back home and they’re napping. Next stop would be downtown Chicago. Have to get done with all the touristy stuff. Anyway, it is a great feeling them being around. The catching up that we could do in person brought me great comfort. Even though FaceTiming daily makes us feel like we just live next door, still it isn’t enough somehow.

My newly found love for Kale Smoothie

Recently I discovered the Art of Kale Smoothie making. Just bought a magic bullet blender so decided to start doing something healthy with it, and what better way than to start drinking liquid Kale every morning. Not only is Kale rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, but it also has enormous amounts of antioxidants that fight diseases like cancer, heart disease and also slows down aging and makes your skin to glow. The fibre content helps with the bowels (no more constipation.) Also for pre-diabetics and diabetics it helps regulate the blood sugar levels. The only caveat, according to some, might be the taste but I honestly did not find it that pungent. Plus I mixed it with fruits like banana and strawberry that makes it even more yummy and the nutrition value definitely goes up since we’re adding extra goodness of the fruits. So just experiment with whatever you like, fill half the blender with lightly chopped kale leaves, then add some banana and strawberries, add more stuff if you want like other fruits, vegetables, parsley, cilantro etc. along with some salt and pepper (I did not). Just don’t add sugar. Thats the whole point of making a healthy beverage, that should only have the natural sweetness from the fruit and not from table sugar. Obviously some water is also need to get the desired consistency and to not have a thick paste in the end. Then blend away until the smoothie becomes bright green. Enjoy the detox.

PS :

1. Keeping fruit in the freezer for 15 minutes before starting eliminates the need for ice for me.

2. People on a blood thinner called coumadin (also called warfarin) should not consume Kale as it has Vitamin K that will antagonize the effect of coumadin. This can happen with anything that is green and leafy.

You can also watch a video that I recently did where I show you how I make my Kale smoothie with my kind of humor and fun. Click the link below:

My Love Coffee


It brings me to life, it soothes my soul

This cuppa brown water, makes me feel I’m whole


I love the morning for it, in case i decide to love at all

if it wasn’t there, I wouldn’t wake up at all


Sometimes I look forward to it, even when I’ve just had one

One is never enough, I enjoy it even when I’ve had a ton


It helps me stay kind, it helps me stay polite

It keeps me from becoming a criminal, won’t let me or anyone fight


People might think that it makes you more aggressive

This aggression is productive, the success seems progressive


Now even the research has shown it all, that this water brings you health

Keeps the heart attack a stroke away, even Alzheimer’s won’t touch you, gives you such wealth


Now coffee is so wonderful, it is like the queen of all fluids

When I smell, drink and feel the joy, i seem to belong to the druids



There are no words to describe how I am feeling at this point. Human race, may be, was just designed (even if just mentally) to survive everything. But there’s only so much this body can take. But the worst situation comes when the mind is intact and is far from giving up and the body says ‘enough’, that is the most difficult situation that the family cannot handle. It’s just sad. There does not seem to be a way of dealing with it. They just have to be accepting. Because otherwise the guilt of taking them off treatment would kill them. It should not be the family’s guilt in the first place. But this is a pro-choice society and that is the mother of all evil we are not yet ready to deal with. The decision still should always be to act in the best interest of your own patient and not the family. Because he or she is the only one, alone, going through the process of death. Medicine anyway is incapable of reversing that terminal condition, if we fail to use it to make them more comfortable, then what is the whole point of practicing it in the first place.

The never ending struggle…

In this kingdom of isolation I yearn for some consolation. But I don’t think I’ll get any from anyone. As Meredith says we can’t wait for a superhero to come and swoop under us when we’re falling and save us. We just have to save ourselves. Sometimes it feels as if we’ve struggled for years and years and it’s not getting over. One kind of struggle just transforms into another. There’s no limit to this. When will this get over? May be the point of all this is that it’s never doing to get over. No matter where we go, these demons are going to follow us and keep haunting us. All we can do is calm down, not let it affect us. Since all this shit is gonna happen no matter what we do, we might as well just accept it as an inevitable part of life and welcome it with open arms. We can still be happy. We don’t have to always think about it. Especially during the happy hours. So yes. Shit will happen. And it’ll keep on happening. And we can still decide to be happy.