My Love Coffee


It brings me to life, it soothes my soul

This cuppa brown water, makes me feel I’m whole


I love the morning for it, in case i decide to love at all

if it wasn’t there, I wouldn’t wake up at all


Sometimes I look forward to it, even when I’ve just had one

One is never enough, I enjoy it even when I’ve had a ton


It helps me stay kind, it helps me stay polite

It keeps me from becoming a criminal, won’t let me or anyone fight


People might think that it makes you more aggressive

This aggression is productive, the success seems progressive


Now even the research has shown it all, that this water brings you health

Keeps the heart attack a stroke away, even Alzheimer’s won’t touch you, gives you such wealth


Now coffee is so wonderful, it is like the queen of all fluids

When I smell, drink and feel the joy, i seem to belong to the druids