My newly found love for Kale Smoothie

Recently I discovered the Art of Kale Smoothie making. Just bought a magic bullet blender so decided to start doing something healthy with it, and what better way than to start drinking liquid Kale every morning. Not only is Kale rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, but it also has enormous amounts of antioxidants that fight diseases like cancer, heart disease and also slows down aging and makes your skin to glow. The fibre content helps with the bowels (no more constipation.) Also for pre-diabetics and diabetics it helps regulate the blood sugar levels. The only caveat, according to some, might be the taste but I honestly did not find it that pungent. Plus I mixed it with fruits like banana and strawberry that makes it even more yummy and the nutrition value definitely goes up since we’re adding extra goodness of the fruits. So just experiment with whatever you like, fill half the blender with lightly chopped kale leaves, then add some banana and strawberries, add more stuff if you want like other fruits, vegetables, parsley, cilantro etc. along with some salt and pepper (I did not). Just don’t add sugar. Thats the whole point of making a healthy beverage, that should only have the natural sweetness from the fruit and not from table sugar. Obviously some water is also need to get the desired consistency and to not have a thick paste in the end. Then blend away until the smoothie becomes bright green. Enjoy the detox.

PS :

1. Keeping fruit in the freezer for 15 minutes before starting eliminates the need for ice for me.

2. People on a blood thinner called coumadin (also called warfarin) should not consume Kale as it has Vitamin K that will antagonize the effect of coumadin. This can happen with anything that is green and leafy.

You can also watch a video that I recently did where I show you how I make my Kale smoothie with my kind of humor and fun. Click the link below: