My Lovely Family

DSC01681This is the first time my parents are visiting me in the US. Today we went to see the Bahá’í temple and also roamed around in downtown Evanston. They’re still absorbing the beauty of this country and are in awe of the cleanliness and the rule abiding. On top of that, this is the perfect weather to be here. All that walking around did not make them feel tired or thirsty. The three of us did enjoy the hibiscus iced tea from Peet’s coffee.

My biggest excitement for them was actually Chipotle. That was their first experience with Mexican food and guacamole ever. I’ve aways talked about it over FaceTime with them (good things of course) but now they had a taste for themselves. Obviously they loved it. As usual, 1 burrito was too much for each.

Then a trip to Jewel Osco sealed the deal regarding the greatness of the country. Everything to be bought under one roof is a concept that isn’t common in India yet, so that was a lot to absorb (in a good way of course). They couldn’t get enough of the luscious fruits and 2 aisles of assorted alcoholic items among other things. I’m hoping to get a bigger pleasant shock when I take them to whole foods next time.

Now we’re back home and they’re napping. Next stop would be downtown Chicago. Have to get done with all the touristy stuff. Anyway, it is a great feeling them being around. The catching up that we could do in person brought me great comfort. Even though FaceTiming daily makes us feel like we just live next door, still it isn’t enough somehow.