The never ending struggle…

In this kingdom of isolation I yearn for some consolation. But I don’t think I’ll get any from anyone. As Meredith says we can’t wait for a superhero to come and swoop under us when we’re falling and save us. We just have to save ourselves. Sometimes it feels as if we’ve struggled for years and years and it’s not getting over. One kind of struggle just transforms into another. There’s no limit to this. When will this get over? May be the point of all this is that it’s never doing to get over. No matter where we go, these demons are going to follow us and keep haunting us. All we can do is calm down, not let it affect us. Since all this shit is gonna happen no matter what we do, we might as well just accept it as an inevitable part of life and welcome it with open arms. We can still be happy. We don’t have to always think about it. Especially during the happy hours. So yes. Shit will happen. And it’ll keep on happening. And we can still decide to be happy.


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