I wonder why…

Why does stuff happen? I wonder many times. It’s so important in medicine. To ask why. But it is possible to forget to ask. Especially when someone gives us a piece of information. Someone we trust. Trusting people, I feel, is basic human nature. We take a lot for granted. Especially when the person giving us the information is well qualified. But that should never deter us from asking why. I learnt it today, but I’ve also learnt it many times before, well not learnt actually because one does not repeat the same mistake after learning. So yes. I’ll make it a point from now on that I ask why, every time someone tells me something. A twist in this story is that sometimes you never find out why. All you can do is keep asking. And keep reading. But these are the sometimes when no conclusion comes out. The medical mysteries. Going on thinking about this stuff can eat you alive inside. May be today was one of those times. I’m still thinking. What happened to that woman? Why did she get so sick? What went wrong? Her procedure was standard and free of complications at the time. So may be, during such times, inquisitiveness can kill you, or at least kill your spirit. There won’t be any closure. And it’s not okay. People dying without you getting all the answers. Or just people dying on you. On your watch. May be this one will live. May be she’ll get fixed all by herself. All I can do now is wait for tomorrow. Hopefully, the more qualified ones will have some answers. Till then I’ll sleep… Or keep thinking…


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