Work High


We all crib about how we have to work continuously 6 days a week (7 for us doctors) in order to earn the money we want to spend to buy the things we desire. I do too sometimes. But then when I actually have an off I wish that I had gone to the hospital. Does this make me workaholic? I don’t think so. I like to come home after a long tiring day. Doesn’t mean I don’t like spending time at the hospital either. I love my job. But I love other things too. Just yesterday I was having this discussion with my buddy about how we should love working and at the same time keep living. But sometimes I get torn between staying up to date in medicine and keeping my other passions alive. These days everything inspires me. But at the same time the fact that I can’t keep running after any and every thing saddens me. That is not just medicine and other things. It also holds true within various fields of medicine. My uncle who’s an amazing cardiothoracic surgeon told me we cant afford to be lured by other organs, We have to focus just on what we specialize in. Because we cant afford to mess up in our own branch. We will be liable then. It’s so difficult to restrict. Especially for me. I want everything. It’s definitely a high. When I think of all these wonderful things in medicine I forget about everything else. Meredith said it very rightly in the very first episode of Grey’s anatomy ,”That was such a high, I don’t know why anybody does drugs.”


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