the beginning

beginnings are supposed to be strong…
the only thing that is strong right now is definitely the emotion…
positive or negative, it exists… for people, situations, music, medicine etc etc…
sometimes the broth brewing inside is so complicated that you cannot make out what exactly you are feeling and the reactions to various things get cross connected…
Sometimes nothing is expressed except for that serious subdued face that is shown to everyone everyday… People don’t understand… and they never will… they don’t want to… coz they wanna do things that they like to… despite the fact that it might kill someone in an indirect way… and they always know about it…
You know that you are responsible for everything that’s happening to you… but you don’t wanna believe… they tell you to change… to end your suffering on your own and stop blaming them… they say that it’s possible… But let your brain think ‘rationally’ just once in the exact same way as that 4 chambered bird in your rib cage is beating…
Is that possible…???


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